Benefit for customer
This designed vending machine is safe, reliable and easy to operate. Another way for people to get instant and quick drinks.
• Great tool for any cafeteria and lounge
• Provides facilities to buy within 24 hours / day and 7 days / week
• Save time and energy
• Easy to operate
• Many choices
• Marketing
• Halal
Customized Vending Machines
• Code redemption / voucher vending machine

• Frozen, chilled and hot avaliable
• Accept paper note and coins, cashless payment
• Online remote management system (track sales, stock and machine condition)
• Big TV for digital advertisements and extra revenue
• Fully owned the machine
• Machine customisation available
• Private label available
• 1 year warranty & maintenance
• Machine owner take 100% profit
Vendsmith Locker Machine
Vendsmith Locker Machine
RM 4,900.00
Vendsmith s800 combo
Vendsmith s800 combo
RM 72,000.00
Vendsmith 10g combo
Vendsmith 10g combo
RM 10,800.00
Vendsmith 10c combo
Vendsmith 10c combo
RM 12,800.00
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