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Founded in year 1963 Hock Soon Bee is founded by Ch'ng Hock Leong well known for tinsmith metal work, after the following time Soon Bee Ho Engineering developing & production our own RO vending machine. Since 2019 Vendsmith Solutions are more a futuristic measure by cashless payment gateway for vending machine, providing customers with complete vending solutions for normal temperature, chilled and hot food, and eventually also customizations of vending machine according to customers needs.

Since 2019,Vendsmith Solutions has been in the business of dispensing delight. We have been a known provider of vending machines, refreshment products and a successful launching into the market. Our motivation is to encourage and aims to carry on innovative solutions in the automated fields of distribution by working together with clients as partners and adapting everyday more to the needs of end customers.

VENDSMITH SOLUTIONS is known for Tinsmith Works and Now we are Operating, Supplying Vending Machine in Malaysia.


Our company is looking for a site to rent a place or location to place vending machines on your premises .We also sell and rent these vending machines to individuals or organizations who prefer to own their own to earn extra income or improve business services.

~Your Best Vendsmith

Make the best vending machine company in Malaysia and can provide customer satisfaction and can save overall costs as well as make it a Global company.

Our goal is to provide the best service and be able to establish a service company that is able to be the focus of customers and improve the quality of service from time to time.

We have a team of experienced Iron Plate work since 1963 and iron plate work machines. So we can modify or produce the most suitable tray according to the customer's requirements.
We have a complete vending machine spare parts and at the same time can help our customers to maintain the machine in the future.
We also provide training classes, videos, or YouTube platform to make it easier for customers to learn and understand about all settings and how to use vending machines.

We are very grateful for giving us the opportunity to share our suggestions. If you would like to purchase a vending machine for your own business or organization. We are grateful to discuss further the appropriate package.

Installation and servicing Coverage Area are:-
North -
Perlis ( Arau, Kaki Bukit, Kangar, Kuala perlis, Padang Besar, Simpang Ampat ) Kedah ( Alor Setar, Ayer hitam, Baling, Bandar Baharu, Bedong, Bukit Kayu Hitam, Changloon, Gurun, Jeniang, Jitra, Karangan, Kepala Batas, Kuala Kedah, Kuala Ketil, Kulim, Langkawi, Lunas, Merbok, Padang Serai, Simpang Empat, Sungai Petani ) Penang ( Bayan Lepas, Bukit Mertajam, Butterworth, George Town, Juru, Kepala Batas, Nibong Tebal, Perai, Permatang Kuching, Sungai Ara, Tanjung Tokong, Tasek Glugor ) Perak ( Bagan Serai, Batu Gajah, Bidor, Ipoh, Kampar, Kuala Kangsar, Lumut, Pantai Remis, Parit Buntar, Simpang Empat, Sitiawan, Taiping, Tapah Road, Teluk Intan )

Partner with us for vending projects

Our main mission is to bring quality vending machine to the market to provide all customer in operation with their vending machine business. We are not only the vending machine supplier but turnkey solutions in machine design & customization, intelligent development, products supply, installation, technical & operations support, marketing, and financial assistance.

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